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Box Quest (Part 3)

chair1 chair2I was finally able to acquire that Ikea chair to do my 7 minute workout routine. It turns out it’s made out of extremely lightweight unfinished pine. It feels like balsa wood. I bought some wood beams and screws from Lowes. The seat had to be reenforced by putting a beam in the center. I also screwed in additional beams on the legs. All the joints were slobbered in wood glue as an extra precaution.  My weight is lighter, but I still don’t trust it to stand on a $25 soft wood chair.

Tomorrow or the day after, I will sand it smooth, attach the seat (with more screws and glue), and apply several coats of clear polyurethane – which should add even more sturdiness to it. I entertained the notion of putting my name on the top and painting flames on it, maybe a skull, but I just want this finished and functional.

Almost there…


Box Quest (Part 2)

It turns out that plywood is more expensive than I thought. For about forty to fifty dollars, I could own a 4×8′ mediocre piece of 3/4″ plywood. So suddenly, my quest has dead-ended. Due to my lack of funds, I’ve resorted to monetizing some of my talents. Unfortunately, judging by the amazing lack of interest from people so far, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be profitable. I would, technically, make more money begging at an intersection.

I did find the cheapest option so far, a $25 wooden chair at Ikea. It looks pretty sturdy, although I would reenforce the legs with some more strips of pine. But, again, it requires about twenty-five dollars more than I have.

That said, I’ve started the 7 minute exercise routine without a chair or a box. I’ve resorted to use the stairs for the step-ups by stepping up past the first step, hitting the second, and coming back down. I measured it, it’s about 18″, which is about the seat height of a chair. I’m using the sofa for the dips, just because I can’t dip properly on the stairs.

It is a tough workout, and I can barely get through it all. I add on another minute of push ups and sit-ups each to make it a good 10 minutes.

I’ve also had to switch to tap water from filtered water and drop some food options (like nuts) at the moment until the situation improves. It’s not my preferred way of losing weight, but I’m not at the point of starving (yet). I have lost 3 more pounds since last week.

This Weeks Motivational Track

80s Stallone is such a great name. I’ll be listening to this as I get back to doing daily exercises. Yo.

DIY Sit-up Bar

DIY Sit-up Bar

I made this three months ago with a length of rope, a tennis ball, 16” 1” pvc pipe, a small foam pool noodle. Found items around the house. The tennis ball tucks underneath a door or other heavy item and my feet hook under the bar.

Fixing My Sole

Fixing My Sole

My trusty ancient sneaker is losing a bit of its sole. It’s flapping on the heel. Since I’m poor and broke, I can’t rush out and buy some new sneakers. And since I’m strapped for cash, I can’t go my second desired route – buy some shoe goo. I opted to go with super glue bought at the dollar store. I can’t vouch for the quality of the glue, but I can’t beat a buck either. I used a wooden coffee stirrer to push the glue into the wound and clamped it down to dry by putting a ten pound dumbbell on it.

Let’s hope it works and dries by tomorrow – I’ll miss accidentally kicking things in my living room, like my cat.

Just Found My Workout Music

Just found my workout montage music. Heh.