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Checking In

Haven’t weighed myself for close to a month now until today. The only thing I’ve changed in my diet this month is that I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee; more than I probably should while focusing on NaNoWriMo. That means I’m probably not getting the water I need. I’ve also been neglecting to exercise. I think not having both slowed my progress a little. At least it isn’t a regress (or congress?). I think I can get out of the obesity range before April.

Damn you, winter.


New DietDroid 3000 T-Shirts!

In another attempt to make money to feed myself, I’ve put up a new Zazzle store where I’ll be selling some of my artwork and designs for DietDroid. I have a few more designs in mind, and I’ll be taking suggestions, too, so put them in the comments below. [Note: As of this writing, these shirts aren’t showing up on my storefront – but you should be able to follow the links to each shirt here, or on my twitter]

Here are the first two: