I am in my late 30’s and have decided that I will not succumb to metabolic syndrome. My starting weight was 316 pounds in April. I had horrible headaches, severe depression, and strange rashes. I sweated after every meal. I wheezed. I needed to change my life before I turned diabetic or had a heart attack or stroke.

Rather than buy into fad diets and pseudoscientific scams – I decided to stick with a good solid diet of high protein and fiber, no sugar or processed foods, backed by decent scientific research. It’s working.

No pills, exotic fruits from exotic jungles, shakes, or counting calories. To hell with food corporations trying to sell me garbage. Screw daytime television. Don’t listen to those scammers. I’m not giving my money to anybody and I don’t expect you to give me yours.

My goal is to lose over a hundred pounds, and as of this writing, I’m halfway there.

Stats updated on Aug 28 2013

Stats updated on Aug 28 2013


6 responses to “About”

  1. LFFL says :

    I wish you well on your journey there!

  2. sugarfreelee says :

    Yeah! Go Travis!

  3. runnermlf says :

    Good Luck on getting to goal, and congrats on the milestone of halfway.

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