Surviving the Winter Months

I kinda wish I could hibernate. Just find a cave and sleep until spring. Like a bear. Fortunately, I have a coffee maker.

NaNoWriMo is officially over. I came in at over fifty-two thousand words — yay, I won. I also came in at approximately forty pots of coffee for the month. That’s a pot of coffee a day, and about two a day on the weekends. My water intake was drastically reduced. My cognitive functions, while held aloft by a metric crap-load of caffeine, might have been better off with some h20. My novel, ironically, took place in a desert and I felt as dehydrated as my characters. Maybe that helped, who knows?

My diet had remained consistent throughout the month. My weight loss has continued, which I’m thankful. The only speed-bump I encountered was a low budget, which meant I had to cut out some meals and snacking.
I had Thanksgiving with the wife and in-laws. It was pretty traditional. I didn’t have to avoid many of the dishes made. Everyone understands what I eat and don’t eat now-a-days. I told everybody to go ahead and make what they wanted. I knew that I could at least have a plate of turkey. But there was mashed cauliflower and brussels sprouts with bacon that my wife made. I even partook in the green bean casserole. The only thing I really avoided was the cranberry jelly and biscuits and I only had a small spoonful of my father-in-law’s stuffing, just to be polite. I even enjoyed a small slice of pumpkin pie for desert. I figured, Thanksgiving is really the only holiday that is meant for feasting. If I bend my diet one day out of the year, is that so bad? If I can ace Halloween, then I can deal with some sides on turkey day.

Now I’m headed for the Christmas holidays. I think I can get through it. Candy like peppermint sticks and gingerbread don’t really appeal to me, so as long as there is ham and turkey, I’ll be fine. Heck, it might be time to re-introduce the ancient tradition of have a Christmas goose this year.

The one day I will have to take a break isn’t December 26th, it’s the day after — my 40th birthday. The only thing I’ve asked for from my wife is a bottle of good single malt scotch and a cigar. I think I’ve read somewhere that scotch is comparatively low-carb and cigar smoking was never a habit I could hop onto, but I can enjoy at least once a year. I intend to be fully debauched by noon on that day, and blogging and tweeting as much as I can, possibly channeling the raving drunken ghost of Christopher Hitchens.

I have about four more months until I hit my year-long mark. While I don’t think I’ll reach that golden deficit of a hundred pounds, I’m not really concerned, as long as the weight loss chart keeps sloping downwards. I’m sure I’ll reach that goal before 2015.


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