Survived Vacation-Cheating


In a hummer in search of wild horses.


Wild horses! (Or as the guide likes to call them, “No Refunds”)

My wife and I celebrated our first anniversary by taking a week long trip to the Outer Banks, NC.

I was slightly concerned about keeping to my diet, since for a few days we’d be staying at my parents’ beach house. My father doesn’t quite understand my diet, and since he’s Cuban and cooks Cuban food, I felt like I’d be at mercy of black beans and rice and corn chips. But Cuban food also has incredible chicken and beef recipes. Along with salads, I had no problem sticking to my diet.

I had packed nuts, cheese sticks, and plenty of water for the road. This kept any hunger at bay and prevented me from snacking on junk throughout the trip.

The first night, our actual anniversary, we stopped at a Texas Roadhouse Steakhouse while traveling. We splurged on giant prime rib steaks.

The first two nights we stayed at the same beach front hotel we stayed at on our honeymoon, fortuitous that we even got the same room. The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel’s quaint bistro. I had eggs and bacon.

The next night, my parents took us to a fancy restaurant, The Flying Fish Cafe and I ordered the herb crusted rack of lamb.

Ghost Crabs

Ghost Crabs

For breakfast and lunches, my father was kind enough to make bacon and eggs – or if we went out I ordered 3 eggs and bacon and/or sausage with black coffee.

The great thing about the beach, of course, is the seafood. And I had my fill of Alaskan crab legs at a decent seafood buffet called Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet.

My father taught me how to make vaca frita, although I need to purchase a pressure cooker. He also gave me the recipe for carne fria, which taste amazing with olives.

As an anniversary gift, my wife gave me this garlic mincer and Emulsifier Salad Dressing Bottle. I’ve used both, and they’re pretty handy. The dressing bottle even has vinaigrette recipes written directly on the bottle.

It was a good vacation. Oh, we did other things, too, besides eating. We saw some wild beach horses and stuff.

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