Magnesium Fields

Magnesium TabsUpdate: I’ve switched to Magnesium Oxide tablets – much cheaper and seemly more effective than the Magnesium Citrate from my previous post. My guess is that the oxide form, being harder for the body to absorb, stays in the intestines, which in turn draws the water to the stool. Again, a guess – but it seems to work better, so I’m going to stick with it for awhile.

Also, my posts have been dwindling, because frankly, there hasn’t been much to blog about. I mean, really, I’ve resorted to blogging about chairs and pooping. The diet is going fine, I’m still losing weight. No drama. I easily survived my niece’s sixth birthday party this weekend, surrounded by pasta and ice cream cake. I foresee no stumbling blocks in the immediate future.

Steady as she goes, captain.


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About Travis Estrella

Polymedia Artist, Life Student, Humanist, Science Advocate, Whackjob Magnet, and Malarkey Detective.

2 responses to “Magnesium Fields”

  1. sugarfreelee says :

    The waters are calm cap’n. Good to hear. Just remember to keep your sea legs about you when the waters get rough. I’ll stop with this metaphor now.

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