Box Quest (Part 1)

box_cartoonFor the last few weeks, I’ve been going insane trying to find a cheap yet sturdy stool or chair to do step-ups on. The step-ups are part of the 7 minute workout that I’m trying to get started on. My only criteria for one was that it be eighteen to twenty inches high, be strong and stable enough to support my (dwindling) weight, and cost around twenty dollars. I almost resolved making a bench out of pressure treated 2x4s, but I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure of what I’m doing with power tools and I had no plans to start from. I also wasn’t sure of having it kept outside in the backyard. Winter is coming. I also looked into getting a rubbermaid step stool, but seemed too flimsy and small.

I finally found a good plyometric box DIY page. A plyometric box, from what I’ve read, is for jumping exercises used in Crossfit routines. Although I’ll be mainly using mine for step-ups and dips at first, I guess it would be nice if I decided to expand my routine later on. For now, I just want to complete that 7 minute routine – and I just need a freakin’ box.

So my plan this week is to go to Home Depot or Lowes and have them cut me out the plywood. I have a circular saw, but frankly, I’m not keen on cutting a large sheet of plywood with it. I’ll then buy some glue and some screws and hope for the best. At least it’s not like some of the slanted plyo boxes DIY I’ve come across – those look hard to assemble. Hopefully the box won’t take up too much space in our small townhouse livingroom.

I’m also considering getting a chin up bar for under the backyard deck. I was going to make one, but sanity kicked in and I found a cheap one on Amazon. My exercise goals over the next few months are modest but important. I want to be able to do one hundred push-ups, two hundred sit ups, one hundred fifty dips, two hundred squats, and twenty pull ups. These goals are outlined in the “Just Six Weeks” app I have. I figure if I can do these, then I’m in pretty good physical health and will have decent muscle tone.

I just need a box to start this, man.

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