Low Carb Alternatives for 5 of My Favorite Foods

1. Supreme Pizza

I’ve already nailed this one down with my Supreme Pizza Frittata. There also seems to be some cauliflower crust recipes out there so I might try those too. Good thing the only bad parts of the pizza are the crust and the processed sugary pizza sauce. I can make my own low carb pizza sauce, and I can live without a bread-based crust, so… score.

2. Philly Cheesesteak

Again, I think I can master this one since the main ingredients are simply steak, provolone, onions and green peppers. The roasted red pepper wrap turned out to be a good alternative to a roll.

3. The Rueben

This will be one of my next victories. The only obstacle in my way (besides the pumpernickel bread) is the thousand island sauce. I think I’m going to replace that with a spicy low carb brown mustard. The corned beef and swiss should be no problem, but I might have to investigate the sauerkraut. One recipe I found was to use gently cooked cabbage leaves as the wrap. I’m eager to try this one.

4. Pad Thai

I would have to make the sauce from scratch, so the challenge here will be to collect the tamarind paste and fish oil from my local international market. I think I will have to compromise the brown sugar with  I’ve already solved the noodle problem with, get this, “zoodles”, finely julienned zucchini that (should have) the proper feel and consistency. I’ve ordered this Zyliss Julienne Peeler to accomplish this, but the delivery guy can’t seem to get it to my house on time. Add some chopped peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, and a heaping of large shrimp – I’ll be a happy camper.

5. Split Pea Soup

With Fall rolling around soon, one of my favorite cold-weather foods is Split Pea Soup with lots of ham. Everything seems to be okay with the exception of the peas. I think they are considered a starchy vegetable and I might have to make an exception in my diet to eat this dish. Of course, the crackers are a strict “no”, some I’ll have to do without those.

Other runner ups have already been deemed “low carb friendly”: Buffalo Wings, Taco (salad, no corn), Beef and Broccoli (served with cauliflower fried rice), and Arroz con Pollo (also served with a yellow cauliflower rice mix).

So that’s it. Once I’ve mastered these foods, I can say goodbye to Carb World and never look back. I’ve already been gone for a few months and I don’t miss it at all, so this isn’t going to be a hard choice for me. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Huzzah.

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