My Butt Looks Like a Shar-Pei

My butt looks like a Shar-Pei puppy, and not in a cute way. This may be a little TMI, but one of the fears I had starting this weight loss journey was having to end up with saggy skin. I’ve tried to do my best at keeping my weight loss slow and steady to allow my skin’s elasticity to ease into it’s new shape. Unfortunately, my age and my skin type have a lot to say on how that happens. While I think I’m lucky that my stomach won’t have excess skin, I think my butt and the insides of my thighs won’t be so lucky. Years, no decades, of being large and filled with cellulite have taken their toll. The term “Cottage Cheese” thighs are now more unsightly as ever, because even though the fat cells are shrinking and exiting, their lumpy landscape still remains – like a deflated balloon of eww.

It goes to show what type of obesity I am/was faced with. I was jammed packed with visceral fat, the type of fat that’s packed inside my gut and nestled around my organs. Most of the fat I’ve lost so has been this internal. The subcutaneous fat, the fat that’s in my ass, thighs, arms, and man boobs, are slower to leave the building. I read about this in Dr. Lustig’s book “Fat Chance“, in which he explained that it is harder to get rid of this type of fat. The good news is, however, subcutaneous fat isn’t dangerous; the fat you have to watch out for is the visceral fat, which is a marker for metabolic syndrome. Once I lost most of the visceral fat, my apple-shaped gut now looks more like, er… a banana. My mid-section looks and feels skinnier.

Despite that win, I still have flab and loose skin. The more flab goes, the more likely I’ll have some sag. The sucky part is, I don’t think I’ll have the surgery to remove it once I’ve reached my final goal. I’ve seen those results on TV and it doesn’t appeal to me. Some people *have* to have that surgery because that excess skin hangs off them like a skirt. Thankfully, my fat at my heaviest wasn’t that extreme. I’ll have mud flaps, not a kilt.

My other options are nonexistent. Other than surgery, there are no other methods for shrinking the human skin. Creams and lotions offer slight tightening, but fail to take up the slack. The research I’ve done only points to the obvious. Lose the weight, exercise and tone, and let time do its thing. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I don’t want to end up teaching my butt to fetch my slippers or catch a frisbee.

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3 responses to “My Butt Looks Like a Shar-Pei”

  1. WRRJourney says :

    I have the same fears about my skin. I hope my body tightens as I go, but I’m a bit doubtful. If you did, however, teach your butt to fetch slippers, then you probably have a spot waiting for you on one of those talent search shows.

  2. mjohnson9706 says :

    I feel you Travis. My fat phobia was batwings, I felt so silly to let that hold me back from actually trying to lose weight (pre- actually doing something). As far as the excess skin, surgery has never entered my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I do what I can within reason (cold showers, dry brushing, coconut oil, weight lifting, lose at a slow pace) to prevent it, but I’m happy with the way I look in clothes. While I haven’t read Dr. Lustig’s book, I too lost from the outside in, ways to go in last to go areas. (except as a woman, the boobs part was pert near close to first to go…)

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