Grocery Prep Day

The week is beginning again and I’m dangerously close of running out of some basic foodstuffs. I use an android application called “Wunderlist” for all my to-do lists. It has a great sync feature which allows me to keep running lists on all my devices and my chrome browser. I simply add all the food I normally buy onto the list and once it’s in my cart, I check them off in the app. The checked items stay under the list, so I can quickly add them back to the list once I run out. I can also send the list to my wife either as a email or any sort of social messaging like Facebook. Oh, and it’s free. I like free.

Shopping is usually a ten minute ordeal for me. My local Food Lion has a perimeter from right to left like so: Diary and Eggs, Meat, Seafood, Lunch Meat, Produce, Bakery, and Deli. I just do “a lap”, check off the food I need, and I’m done. Also, using the list, I’m not tempted to “improvise” and buy anything that would be off-diet.

I go to the grocery store about every four days. That’s when I usually need new produce or dinner meats. That’s not to say I’m completely wiped out of food, but I’ve been able to time it so that I go every four days just to keep my food store filled. Unfortunately, sometimes money gets tight and/or I forget to go. When that happens (like right now), I realize I’m at my weakest for cheating on my diet, so I make it a point to grab the healthy food, before I have any inclinations to buy some junk food. It hasn’t happened yet, but why risk my good progress? 

Another great thing about using the Wunderlist app is that I’m a scatterbrain. I keep a wide assortment of To-Do lists, and sometimes a list item comes to me at various and random times during the day. I usually carry my phone on me and all I have to do and open up the app and add it (before I forget to). This is true with my food too. Yesterday, I was at a family get together and I realized I was out of Salad Mix. It was a completely random thought, but I quickly pulled out my phone and typed it in. Done. I hate coming back from the store only to realize I’ve forgotten something (even more if I *have* to go back to get it). 

So, yeah, Wunderlist is my shopping list for the 21st century. 

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