Mean People Suck

I saw an article on CNN today about a young Saudi man who weighed 1,345 pounds. While the story is tragic and sad, what was even more horrible was the comments. The CNN comments, in general, are one of those train wrecks I can’t help myself looking at, and I haven’t been able to teach myself to avoid them. Each and every time I read them my blood boils. Anonymity of the internet allows people to be cruel and mean-spirited, and they are. And I don’t buy the nonsense that people aren’t that cruel. If some feel the need to write that sort of passive aggressive hate on a website comment, then they are, in fact, assholes in real life. And if CNN comments are a marker for that, then we are doomed as a species.

saudi_commentsHumans have developed, in recent years, a remarkable lack of humility with the invention of the internet. A sort of alpha dog hubris that allows them to judge the less fortunate. I experienced that in real life quite a few times, especially when I went to places like the gym. There were always guys there who thought that if people weren’t at the same level of fitness they were, those people were overweight and/or unhealthy. I am well aware that I am not sculpted like a Greek god – it’s just that I have other shit I need to do during the day besides pumping iron. What I consider healthy is probably different from what they consider healthy.

This guy in Saudi, in one way or another, got himself into a situation. That is unfortunate. Why and how, that business is his. It is a matter of prevention up until it is a matter of treatment. People smoke, drink, do drugs, and get fat, no matter how much they are told that it is bad for them. I am guilty of it. One day a person wakes up and realizes the problem, but some are never able to wake up. Ridicule doesn’t help solve the problem.

The solution was probably handed to this guy many times, and for some reason or another, he couldn’t or didn’t want to see it. Most likely, he was handed a whole bunch of bad solutions, like I was. Starvation was the one I got handed the most. Exercise was the second.

Starvation isn’t appealing to anybody. You can talk about calories-in/calories-out all you want. Hunger is hunger. Whether the body wants it, or the brain thinks it wants it. When someone tries to starve themselves, they end up failing and eating more – and feel like a glutton and failure.

Telling a 300 pound or a 1345 pound man to exercise is not going to help things either. To begin with, the diet is probably bad so the energy levels are probably crap. Doing anything, even as simple as squats, aren’t going to be enough. It’s guaranteed failure, which only adds to the misery.

That leaves diet. With today’s food companies marketing the most outrageously malnutrition garbage and government guidelines so far out of whack, it’s no wonder people are helpless in making good decisions. We can’t rely on other people making these decisions for us.

I don’t need people who have never been as obese as I was to tell me the solution especially if they could be wrong. If I see another fitness guru/model say “You could look as good as I do” on TV, I’m going to scream. They don’t want your results, they want your money.

So people with a good fitness regimen and awesome metabolism – stop picking on us. Some of us will come around and see the error of our ways, despite the error of yours.

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One response to “Mean People Suck”

  1. roberta4949 says :

    the quality of our food has dropped and our stress levels have gone up, bad combo. no wonder we are sick even the thin ones too.

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