A Secret Weapon – Spice

Spice ExchangeOne of my favorite spice blends is this spice grinder from The Spice and Tea Exchange called “Italian Street Fair“. It’s a little pricey for my income level, but it adds tons to my salads and things like tuna, kale, and broccoli . TSTE’s other spices and stuff are great, too, just be prepared that when you become addicted to it, it becomes an expensive habit. My wife and I first found one of these stores in Williamsburg, VA on our honeymoon and had originally thought it was the only one (It’s literally next to colonial Williamsburg and it appeared to be an “old timey” type store). Once we ran out of the spice, we found their website and learned that there was one near us, in Alexandria, VA across the river from Washington DC. They also have an online store.

I also like using their smoked salts on my steaks. The applewood salt is the one we’re using now. I’d recommend the fish blends and meat rubs (I like the Tailgaters blend). I wish the prices weren’t so expensive, but the flavors are so top-notch and varied.  We make it a point to stock up on a few items every few months.

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