Wait What?

I started to blog yesterday about the crazy information out there on the internet about weight loss. Then I scrapped it. Every site I read had comments that quickly devolved into “No, you’re a big poopy head.” I’m not into ad hominem attacks or snide remarks to make an argument. I reached the point of not caring.

I do love science. We are finding out new and exciting things about the universe every day. This is what makes me angry about the Diet Wars, is that nobody can agree on how we work as an organism. It’s very complex. In order to use the scientific method effectively, we need to weed through thousands of variables in doing any sort of proper health study. It’s because our individual lives are so different and we cannot possibly measure every aspect of it. You put a large group of us together in one room and of course you have a variable nightmare.

So I quit for the moment. Hopefully some properly done studies will put to rest any doubts I may have, but until then, I’ll just keep on doing what I do.

All that matters to me is that I’m losing weight and eating healthy and my body is healthy. I don’t need to advocate any one diet as the right way or the wrong way (however, I reserve the right to point out the pseudoscience of anything – and that tapeworms are bad for people). It is unfortunate that I need to be some sort of biochemist in order to weed through hundreds of studies to get some answers, because the people that should be interpreting them for me have ulterior motives and agendas.

I’m going to climb up this hillside and watch the Diet Wars from a distance. And it won’t be an epic battle like in fantasy movies. It will be a petty slap-fight between scientists, gym rats, nutritionists, hippies, doctors, and food companies.

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