Water is Important

2013-08-16_13-53-56_525Water is an important part of my diet. It keeps me hydrated – which prevents fatigue, headaches, constipation, dry skin, dry mouth. It also ensures my metabolism is working at the correct speed. It is recommended that a person drinks at least 8 – 8 ounces of water a day. That’s 64 ounces in total.  At the beginning of my diet, I wanted to make sure I got that water in me. I ordered two Nalgene narrow mouth 32 oz water bottles from Amazon. I kept these filled with water at all times. I use a 5 gallon water bottle of fresh drinking water that only costs me seven dollars if I return the bottle to the store, so there is a bonus of not wasting plastic.

My system worked out for a while – I kept one bottle in the fridge, and another at my side. The downside was they didn’t stay cold enough and I was constantly switching them out from the fridge. The mouth of the bottles was too small to add ice. They were also awkward to take with me out. Sure I could freeze them.

2013-08-16_13-55-04_365I ended getting the Nalgene 48 ounce water bottle or “Big Blue” as I call it. It was large and I could put ice cubes in. You can buy a silicone  insert to prevent water from rushing into your face. The water stayed ice cold most of the day, or at least until the ice cube tray was ready again. I also learned a neat trick that I could fill the smaller bottles with a little bit of water and lay them sideways in the freezer.  And if I’m going to be somewhere hot for more than a few hours, I think the bottles are tough enough to freeze entirely. Just don’t cap the lid.

Here’s an interesting thing I read: Studies have shown that drinking ice water will boost your metabolism by forcing your fat cells to generate heat to keep your body core at equilibrium. I don’t know if it’s true or not, I’ve not seen any of the studies (I’m a skeptic), but ice water is pretty cool anyway.

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3 responses to “Water is Important”

  1. 01dd0g says :

    Great water article, especially about cold water increasing your metabolism.

    Did you know:

    • There are nearly 1 billion people in the world that don’t have clean, safe water.
    • The women and children that collect water spend approximately 40 billion hours getting it.
    • This detracts from their ability to do other work, or get an education.
    • It takes $20 to supply one of these people with a clean water supply.
    • Each dollar spent provides an economic return of $12.
    • Not least because of the drop in medical care and infant mortality.
    • Can you spare a single dollar for this campaign to bring clean water to 50,000 people?
    • That’s less than a third of the price of a cup of coffee.
    • All money goes to providing water not to admin costs or profit.

    See http://my.charitywater.org/run-old-dog

    If you can’t spare a single dollar, please pass this message on to others that might.

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