Keeping Track of Weight Loss

KeepTrack App on Android

KeepTrack App on Android

While I’m not worrying about the pounds I may or may not lose day to day, I do find that keeping track of the weight occasionally keeps me informed if anything is going wrong. I don’t use it as a gauge. Our weight varies hour to hour, day to day – based on multitudes of factors – such as water retention, activity level, digestion of a meal, what’s in our bowels, etc. I didn’t start an exercise routine until about a month and a half ago. Muscle growth does all sorts of wacky things to a weight total.

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About two or three weeks into my diet, I started to use the Nintendo Wii and the Wii Balance Board to record my weight. The second day, I didn’t have the board level and it recorded a whooping 14 pound loss. I was elated. I bragged about it on Facebook and Twitter. I thought, This diet is awesome! But the next day, sad truth came into light. I realized that the board has to be on level ground. I had one foot of it on a rug, causing the extreme difference. I had only lost two pounds. I had two other scales in the house and made sure the calibration on the Wii board was correct. I also realized that I would go crazy if I weighed myself more than twice a week (I now weigh myself once a week – if I’m curious). It didn’t matter what my weight was because I had so much confidence in my diet. As long as I wasn’t gaining more than 3-4 pounds a week, it didn’t matter. I am expecting drops and plateaus, that happens. I’m not giving myself a time table, because why pressure myself? The weight will come off.

And the weight is coming off.

I use an android app on my Kindle Fire called KeepTrack by Zagalaga. I copy the weight data from my Wii just and KeepTrack allows me to back that data up. It’s not extremely pretty. But it does its job, and data entry is painless.

The idea weight for my height and gender is 172. I think this is unrealistic. I think standards and BMIs are bogus, just like counting calories. I just want to be healthy and stay clear of metabolic syndrome and all its diseases. I also want to look somewhat decent naked or go into any store and have my size pants. I don’t think I’m asking a lot. And judging by that line graph – I think it’s obtainable.

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One response to “Keeping Track of Weight Loss”

  1. somuchfattitude says :

    I was a daily weigher and I was slowly going insane so now I try to back off and only weight weekly. It’s better for my sanity.

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