How I Gave Up Fast Food

The simple answer: I don’t walk into their restaurants.

The longer answer: After reading “Fat Chance” I quickly realized that all food in a fast food restaurant is heavily processed garbage. None of it is good for me. Even McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Salads are coated with “flavor” which includes a lot of sugar and other chemicals I don’t need in my body. Even if that wasn’t the case, the dressing is completely unhealthy for me. It was like giving up cigarettes; I knew they were bad for me, and I didn’t want them in my body anymore.

I get through the day of having a large breakfast of eggs and bacon. Good protein. If I’m going to be away from my kitchen, I be sure to plan my meals and take them with me for the day. I also keep a Ziploc bag of mixed nuts in my pocket in case I get the munchies. On top of it all – I carry my 48 oz Nalgene water bottle, “Big Blue”. If I drink enough water and eat a big breakfast, I won’t be thinking about food at all.

I take my food to work. I have a small lunch cooler. I make my lunch the night before and stick everything into the fridge (bag and all). I pack snacks, too, like oranges or carrot sticks. In the morning, after eating breakfast, I just grab the bag and jam out the door. I also keep an emergency stash of fruit or nuts at work. If I’m on the road and I find myself without food and it’s meal time – I swing into a grocery store and buy something healthy.

I’ve been to salad bars and became stuck because their salad dressings were all laced with corn syrup or sugar. Even buying a burger (throw away the bun) is a crapshoot. It probably has sugar and mystery chemicals in it, too. It’s almost impossible to know what exactly is in these things. So why take a chance? The food I prepare for myself is the best food there is, because I know exactly what’s in it. 

Another perk of not going into the restaurant – I have never felt the urge to cheat. And I have never cheated on this diet, because it’s not a diet, it’s the way I plan on eating for the rest of my life.

If you have co-workers that insist that you come with them to a fast food place (even after you’ve explained your dietary needs in detail, the jerks), go with them and order. In the middle of the meal, throw up and scream, “This is disgusting!” and run out. They’ll never invite you there again.

Fat Head MovieOn a side note, I have watched Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me” and thought he was being a bit dramatic. There is a better movie that explains why a lot of what Spurlock said was not entirely true. The movie is called “Fat Head” and I recommend it.

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One response to “How I Gave Up Fast Food”

  1. WRRJourney says :

    It is scary what is in processed food. The more I learn, the more I remove it from my own diet and my home. No wonder so many people have health problems. We’re a culture that eats food like products instead of the real thing.

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