This morning somebody mentioned 5-hour energy drinks. It got me to thinking about why we have such a product to begin with. Why do we drink coffee, or Gatorade, or take supplements? Why do we take pills to fall asleep? Are our bodies so far out of whack that as a species we need to manufacture patches to compensate for poor diet? I hear people talk about how shitty they feel all the time. Most of my Facebook friends are constantly posting pictures of themselves drinking (a lot of) wine or beer and eating cheesecake on a weeknight then belly aching then next morning.

Lay off the booze and the deserts! I scream inside.

Energy drinks are a bad sign. If you need a 5-hour energy drink because you have no energy, it’s because your body isn’t getting the fuel it needs. And I’m not talking bogus B vitamin claims or caffeine amounts, I’m talking about everyday food you should be eating and food you shouldn’t be eating. If you feel shitty during the work week, lay off the several glasses of wine or cocktails the night before. Wait until a Friday or Saturday night when you have an empty schedule. Better yet, quit drinking. Your liver will thank you. It isn’t rocket science.

If you find yourself taking a crap load of vitamins, ask yourself why. You can eat an array of vegetables and fruits to give you enough of the right stuff to keep healthy – why are you swallowing pills? The answer of course is you are eating crap during the day and you have to compensate somehow.

Watch a hour of television and count how many commercials try to sell you a product that patches you. This includes meal shakes (“on the GO”) and probiotics (your gut can manufacture enough bacterium except in rare cases when antibiotics wipe them out). The actors in the commercials always shrug and ask “when do I have time to eat something healthy?”. My favorite is the Snickers bar commercials that claim to give a “pick me up”. Sugar is one of the worst things for you. Your body is able to create the energy it needs – if you let it do its job and feed it right.

Face it, our diets are crap and there are companies getting rich on patches we shouldn’t have to rely on.

(originally posted on my ReasonDroid 3000 blog)


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3 responses to “Patches”

  1. WRRJourney says :

    Whenever I start to make healthy changes in my life the caffeine is the first to go. If I’m doing it right, then I won’t need artificial things to give me energy because I’ll already have it. My energy level is a compass.

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